Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller Ready To Use - 1 Litre

SKU: 20300382
Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller Ready To Use - 1 Litre -
Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller Ready To Use - 1 Litre -
Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller Ready To Use - 1 Litre -

Westland Resolva Pro Weedkiller Ready To Use - 1 Litre

SKU: 20300382
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Key Benefits:

  • Kills annual and deep rooted weeds so they dont come back
  • Breaks down naturally in the soil
  • Visible results in 24H

Resolva Pro is a unique weedkiller, it delivers effective and quick results even on tough weeds so they don Inch t come back. This next generation weedkiller is the result of 7 years of development to bring innovation into your garden.

Ready-to-use Weedkiller

The fast visible results are achieved in 24 hours, meaning the product starts destroying the weed leaf and allowing the weedkiller active to penetrate to the roots for quicker overall control. Can be used between April to November, when weeds are actively growing.

Which weeds controls

Resolva Pro delivers fast results on perennial and deep rooted weeds in a single application.

This formula controls common and tough weeds like: Dandelions, Nettles, Brambles, Docks, Thistles, Bindweed, Chickweed, Horsetail, Groundsel and many more weeds.

As any other total weedkiller, Resolva Pro also controls grasses, including Couch grass and annual meadow-grass.

Where and how to use

Resolva Pro is ideal for use in beds, borders, patios and driveways. If used on beds and borders be careful not to drift the product onto other plants and neighbouring vegetation.

Use on a wind free day to avoid drift and maximise the weed coverage. Also avoid rainy conditions as this will wash away € the weedkiller.

The weedkiller is absorbed by the leaves. Spray very lightly trying to cover as much leaf area as possible to absorb the weedkiller and avoiding run-off. A single application should do the job!

Do not use on lawns unless you intend to kill the grass.

Always read the full label and product information before use.

 What to expect

After spraying, you will see visible results in 24 hours. The symptoms can be: wilting, leaf browning, desiccation or discolouration.

Do not remove the weed until it Inch s completely dead, ensure you leave weeds for at least 7 days before cultivating.

Planting can be done immediately in neighbouring untreated soil, taking care new plantings are not in contact with the weedkiller.

Resolva Pro is broken down naturally and degraded by micro-organisms/microbes in the soil.

Systemic action and how it works

This type of weedkiller is absorbed by the leaf into the weed sap and transported to all growing points, including the roots.

This process makes sure it kills the whole weed and root so it won Inch t come back!

The time it takes depends on the weed size, season (best when they are actively growing) and weather conditions.

Resolva Pro contains Glyphosate

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