Westland Multi- Purpose Compost With John Innes - 50 Litre (3 For 2 Deal)

SKU: 3 x 10100082
Westland Multi- Purpose Compost With John Innes - 50 Litre

Westland Multi- Purpose Compost With John Innes - 50 Litre (3 For 2 Deal)

SKU: 3 x 10100082
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Ideal for use all around the garden this premium compost contains nutrients to feed your plant for up to 5 weeks. The added John Innes formula retains and releases nutrients and water for longer, providing your plants with all they need. It contains our unique ingredient West+ producing our best ever formula.

  • Now contains BIO3
  • Perfect for all life stages of plants
  • Now suitable for seed sowing
  • Stronger plant development
  • More flowers, more vibrancy, longer plant life
  • Ideal for containers and hanging baskets

Why Use

  • Feeds plants for up to 5 weeks
  • Carefully blended for excellent moisture retention and drainage
  • Perfect for all stages of plant life, including seed sowing
  • Ideal for containers, hanging baskets and general garden use
  • No Green Waste

How to Use

First put on a pair of gloves and rework compost between your hands, so it retains its intended texture

Seedlings/Pricking out

Image of a pair of hands using a dibber to prick out seedlings.

€¢  Pick out seedlings once they are large enough to handle. Hold seedlings by the leaves to avoid damage and tease out root using a dibber or pencil

€¢  Plant seedlings apart to allow for growth. Water regularly until the seeds are ready to be potted on


Image of a pair of hands taking a root ball out of a plant pot.

€¢  Water plant well and allow to drain before potting. Allow enough space to accommodate the roots

€¢  Remove from pot and plant in container, firming the compost gently around the roots

€¢  Once fully planted, water well

Taking cuttings

Image of a pair of hands using a knife to take a cutting from a plant.

€¢  Fill seed tray evenly with compost, firm gently and water

€¢  Make a sloping cut in the stem of the cutting and remove all bottom leaves

€¢  Dip the end of the cutting in a hormone rooting powder to encourage rooting

€¢  Make a hole in the compost with a pencil/dibber

€¢  Place cutting in the hole and firm compost gently around it

€¢  Cover the tray with polythene or glass to prevent drying out and place in a warm spot, away from direct sunlight until the cuttings have taken

Hanging Baskets

Image of a pair of hands potting up a hanging basket.

€¢  Line the basket and fill with compost. Plant with trailing plants around the outside and upright plants in the middle

€¢  Water well

General Advice

  • Store in a frost free place away from weedkillers and other chemicals
  • Re-seal bag after use
  • Not suitable for use with ericaceous (lime hating) plants
  • Wash hands after use

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