Hg Oven & Grill Revamp Cleaning Kit

SKU: 592006106
Hg Oven & Grill Revamp Cleaning Kit - Household Cleaning

Hg Oven & Grill Revamp Cleaning Kit

SKU: 592006106
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The HG oven and grill revamp kit is a complete kit that will make your oven, grill, baking trays, barbecue grills and planchas look like new.à €šÃ‚   à €šÃ‚  

The extremely strong soaking gel, which is applied with the supplied special brush, removes even the most difficult baked-in baking stains effectively. This unique gel formula has been developed especially for long soaking, without drying out, on vertical surfaces.à €šÃ‚  Ãƒ €šÃ‚  

This ensures that difficult burnt-on baking stains on oven walls or grills can be removed effectively.à €šÃ‚  

The gel is easy to apply with the special brush (supplied) à €šÃ‚  

The kit includes:à €šÃ‚   à €šÃ‚  

1 Jar HG Oven and Grill Soaking Gel 600ml à €šÃ‚  
1 resistant brush à €šÃ‚  
1 special HG oven sponge à €šÃ‚  
1 pair of protective plastic gloves.à €šÃ‚  

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