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    • This lawn mower perfectly imitates those of the big with its manual starter and engine noise when you roll it.
    • This small mower has a starter with hatchback, a second crackle to make noise when the wheels rotate, a gear shift knob.
    • To help adults play in the garden: thanks to Ecoiffier toys, children can start outdoor activities from the age of 18 months such as mowing, pruning, leaving, gardening, etc.
    • It is by imitating adults and manipulating different toys that children learn to understand the world around them, to become more skilled and autonomous in everyday life.
    • From French toys: Ecoiffier Jouets manufactures its products in Oyonnax in Ain thanks to the investment of 350 people whom the family business employs directly and indirectly.
    4 products
    Westland Clean And Safe Play Sand 20Kg
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    Tp Toys Toys Water Game Fun Trolley
    Ecoiffer Childrens Sand And Water Summer Table
    Tp Toys Toys Sand & Water Fold-Away Playtable

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