Key Cutting Service Since 1919 in BT24 (Over 100 years in business)

by Brendan

Stewart and Gibson Ltd started in 1919, the year following the end of World War 1 and offered its patron's the service of key cutting. This tradition has been carried on and for over 100 years no we are the longest serving and most established business in Ballynahinch Co. Down BT24 8DR offering the key duplication service to anyone near our location. 

A bit of history on Key Cutting 

The use of keys started back over 6000 years ago in ancient Babylon and Egypt via the use of wooden toothbrush shaped keys. This designed proved problematic as wood was not only susceptible to damage, it was heavy and bulky to carry around or hide. 

The Ancient Romans seen a flaw and the Roman engineers improved the lock design by using metals such as bronze and iron. This of course created a much stronger lock and also made the keys more light-weight meaning the key could be carried about easily. 

Fast forward to the 1900's where the Automobile Association (AA) fitted small cabinets and in 1926 all AA members were issued keys. 

Flat keys were introduced by Linus Yale Senior & Junior in the 1800's. They discovered that by using a tumbler lock, this was a better way to regulate the pins and became an instant hit around the world. These were not only easy to manufacture, but with the invention of key cutting or key duplication it made them easy to replicate and produce in large quantities making them cheaper.   

Fast forward to the year 2000 and keys have vastly improved. Ranging from all different shapes and sizes, from a post box key to a more advanced dimple house key here at Stewart and Gibson Ltd we have you covered, call in today and let us get that key cut that you have always been meaning to get done.